Australian Open for Great Sports Betting

The Australian Open is a term fairly commonly heard in sports betting circles as it offers punters plenty of wagering options annually. The Australian Open can refer to one of two major sports tournaments, both of which revel in worldwide attention: one in tennis, and the other in golf.

The Australian Open is also the official title of several other prestigious sporting tournaments in other disciplines, including badminton, surfing and squash so this may require clarification when wagering. What isn’t confusing, is the online betting possibilities that are now available in all meanings of Australia Open. Like millions of punters around the world, Australians enjoy sports betting, and nowadays there are dozens of sports betting sites, both mobile and online, where they can enjoy the pastime.

The Golf Version of the Australia Open

Golf’s Australia Open is the oldest tournament on the Australasian PGA Tour. It has been around since 1904, and the winner receives the Stonehaven Cup. The accompanying cash prize is considered modest by PGA standards, but that doesn’t affect the action keen punters can enjoy when betting online.

As one of the more popular sports worldwide, golf is featured on every reputable golf betting site, and it would be very unusual to find a major tournament like the Australia Open absent from a site’s listings. Punters can make a number of wagers, on everything from the eventual winner to individual best scores.

The Tennis Version of Australia Open

The tennis tournament casually called the Australia Open is usually the first of the four Grand Slam events played annually. It takes place over the last two weeks in January in Melbourne, followed by the French Open in May/June, Wimbledon in the UK in June/July, and the US Open in New York in August/September.

Online betting sites are just as likely to feature the tennis Australia Open as they are to offer bets on golf, so players wishing to bet on this tournament have just as many options. Punters can stick to the TV coverage while they make their wagers, although several online betting sites also offer live streaming as the games are in progress. This applies to golf as well, so players can use live streaming to judge the state of play and decide if they want to make further wagers.

Beware of Online Pitfalls

Sports betting can be loads of fun, but the same precautions apply when playing at online sites as they do when betting at land-based betting shops. Gambling for fun is great as long as it stays fun, and with online betting, the punter needs to be extra-careful about self-discipline and affordable wagers.

But betting online, whether on the Australia Open or any other sporting contest, has some extra pitfalls to beware of too. Reputable site have secure encryption in place to safeguard punters’ bank accounts, as well as a reputation for fairness. Prospective punters should check these credentials before committing to any Australia Open wagers.